Our People

We rely on our people – their enthusiasm, their talent, their commitment – to maintain and build on the success of our business.

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Charlie Hall


Donna Kalisz

Office Manager
Employee since 1982

Eric Gelinas

LEED AP & Sales Engineer
Employee since 2005

Tom Barowski

Project Manager
Employee since 1985

Marc Smith

Plumbing Sales & Project Mgr
Employee since 2004

Mark LaPorta

Parts Manager
Employee since 1977

Elliot Hall

Vice President & Sales Engineer

Dave Dussault

Sales Engineer
Employee since 2005

Paul Bewersdorf

Sales Engineer
Employee since 2012

Rob Launier

Project Manager
Employee since 1994

Linda McCarthy

Dispatch & Service Billing
Employee since 2008

Ed Armstrong

Service/Controls Manager
Employee since 2014

Philip Hall


Mike Haase

Sales Engineer
Employee since 2011

Rob Hansen

Sales Engineer
Employee since 2014

John St. Peter

Sheetmetal Project Mgr & Sales
Employee since 1995

Joe Keuenhoff

Safety & Dispatch
Employee since 1996

Carol Maynard

Controls Application Engineer
Employee since 2014

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